What prevents us?

Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash

Disclaimer: The exact source is unknown.

Someone asked, “What is it that prevents us from saying or doing the things we want to say or do, that we should be saying doing?”

Is it the fear that if we do, it becomes real? That we are showing vulnerability, showing what can hurt us most or build us most?

Is it that we no longer feel that way or that maybe we never had, that our wants have changed? That we have changed?

That admitting this means that we are forced to face whatever consequences come with it? That people will leave or reject us? That we will lose something? You can’t lose what’s not yours to start with, you can’t lose what is yours to start with. You can only find out which it really is.

That you may gain something? That things may just work out?

Maybe we are scared that we are setting others free but imprisoning ourselves in places we don't want to be, that we will be alone.

Showing people who you really are is terrifying, trusting people is terrifying but the consequences of not doing so are far worse, in choosing silence we are far worse off.

They leave/live believing what you have shown them most consistently.

The half-truths, words and sentences that have been said, making sense to no one but you, open to interpretation.

The damage to their sense of self is far worse than a simple “no” or “yes but…”.

Saying the things we should say and do things we want is clear, there is no room for interpretation, there is no room for uncertainty. There is only truth and truth is freedom not just for the other person, but for yourself too. Then you know for sure and you can move forward, or change direction. You have the freedom to feel and do whatever comes next.

When you think about it, the silence, the half-truths, the lies we tell ourselves or others, the excuses and justifications we find, keep us from who we really are.

Everything in life comes down to love.

Love for truth, love for hope, love for those special things that make you live and breathe with ease.

It all comes down to who and what you love and if you are true to yourself and you make choices to bring you closer to that love you will find you are not so ordinary, that your life will be more extraordinary than you could ever imagine.

And that’s what scares us, maybe that truth scares us simply because we just don’t feel worthy of the real love, the real sense of peace, the people that won't leave even when it gets really dark.



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