Solving problems: The tough conversations

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Look at our fears, our insecurities, our denial of truth, the misery and exhaustion of the people around us, within ourselves. As the saying goes, ‘What you resist, persists.’ Another way to put it is we are CHOOSING the misery, insecurity and ego in most cases.

How many of those could be so easily resolved simply by having those really tough conversations? Being transparent and real, sharing the truths for what they are and being authentic as the saying goes. Listening and hearing without judgement instead of letting the fears control us.

Often those conversations are tough but they are so much less than we fear. Sometimes they don’t cause loss, they bring gains, sometimes they do bring change and not the changes we want but the changes that come with more love, more friendship, more opportunity, more prospects and more than anything peace. The thing that is driving our fear could be the thing that brings us more than we ever allowed ourselves to imagine possible.

They provide the answers we so desperately seek and solutions that provide opportunities to a world that could benefit everyone around us including us. Life is too short to live in fear and insecurity or driven by ego and pride or even to simply hold onto things that are no longer appreciating your value, grateful for your presence or able to give consideration to the impact of the way you are treated.

Imagine having those conversations and it all does fall apart. You are no longer a part of the plan. At least you know. You have a future to plan for that makes your light shine, brings you peace and opens other doors. Most of the time this wouldn’t be the result. It would simply require more consideration, more action, and a change in the way things are done.

Imagine having that conversation with whom we think is our biggest threat, the cause of anxiety and stress, an enemy in the making, a nuisance. Imagine really listening to them share from a real, honest and truthful space and being able to do the same. Imagine gracing them with the chance to build with us. Sometimes that’s the only person that really understands. Sometimes that person is our greatest ally. Sometimes that person could be the one to bring peace, friendship, hope and blessings maybe not the kind we had expected or hoped for but one nevertheless.

Imagine we dared to have those conversations, to speak our truths and embrace who we are, what we need and what we can offer, bringing solutions to problems with grace. It’s true, sometimes it would all come falling apart but most times a fair sum of those problems wouldn’t be problems, they would be opportunities for something more, something valuable and something that could be our greatest blessing.

So have those conversations. Taking that risk is what offers freedom from uncertainty, insecurity, the misery. Taking that risk is taking a step closer to the life that you were really destined for, the one that you want. Life is too short not to have those conversations and take the actions arising from them.



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