Covid, the blessing we didn’t know we needed

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

It’s easy to appear selfless in the name of humanity when Allah knows better even if the people don’t.

It’s easy to appear selfish when none knows it’s for your creator, designed by your creator even when all of humanity disapproves.

It’s easy to misunderstand that sometimes what appears noble is really a test, and we may actually be failing.

It’s easy to underestimate and devalue our creator's intentions for us because we simply haven’t been paying attention.

The last two years have come with the blessing of truth, and yet we choose to ignore it.

It has come with facts, stats, actions, and words that have revealed everything that we needed to know, everything we needed to build, move forward, and set us free, and we choose the masks, the illusions

It has come with the insights of wisdom, and we insist on being foolish.

It has highlighted our weaknesses and we carry on as though we are invincible.

It has given us more time for knowledge, and we choose to ignore the lessons of history.

It has shown the wisdom of fragility of life, and yet we behave as though we have forever.

It has come with clarity, reflection, loss, showing us what is important, who is important and what we will fight for, who we will show up for in word and action (and vice versa) and yet we hold on to distraction.

It has come with the most profound lessons in faith, blessing, and gratitude and we choose to reject, question, enforce our will on these blessings for the comfort of an image, people, and illusions.

Covid is the blessing we didn’t know that we needed and yet we have failed to realise that, respect that, and appreciate the reset that it has offered us.



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