Can’t lose what you never had

Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash

Can’t lose what you never had and yet we thrive on the misery and illusion of its existence where it has never lived.

By this I mean if we have never felt at peace in a place, leaving it is not a loss.

If we have never felt genuine respect, love, friendship, or support amongst a group of individuals leaving them as you open your heart and time for new people is not a loss.

If you have never been in a real relationship, never had a healthy relationship with someone, if all you had was an almost relationship, if only relationship, maybe someday relationship but probably never relationship, leaving is not a loss.

Leaving a job that is draining and lacks fulfillment and costs more than the salary its worth is not a loss.

We convince ourselves of this imagined loss, more out of fear than anything else.

We convince ourselves that being offered the teeny tiniest scrap is better than nothing.

We convince ourselves that a fantasy is better than reality ever could be, and yet the reality we ought to be seeking is on the other side of our fears, our comfort zones, our procrastinations, and the endless voices of those who would rather you stay in a place that suits them rather than you.

We make ourselves miserable simply by failing to recognise that what we never had cannot be lost until we choose to not seek it and move towards it at all.



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