Beautiful Truth, Beautiful Freedom

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

If you think about it, most lies, manipulation, half-truths, omissions, coercion, emotional blackmail comes down to power and/or self-preservation or just plain cowardice. Most people do it for the big things, the small things, the everything. Most of us are pros at lying to ourselves more than anything. And yet, it’s the truth has a bad rep.

Everything on the internet these days screams manipulation even when it speaks about the truth. Everywhere you look you see people excel through lies, deceit and half-truths. How else would you get where you want to be? How else would you get what you want when you want it? But here’s the thing, is anything worth having if you have to lie, manipulate, hide, coerce to get it or keep it?

The truth may be tough at times be it to tell anyone including ourselves, it may be tough to hear from anyone and ourselves. The truth is the lie may be pretty, it may be easy, it may be comforting but it’s all short-lived even if the lie is never discovered. The impact of the lie will rob you of you.

The truth is that the truth appears to be scary from the outset. We fear that may result in lost opportunities, lost people, lost respect, we fear that we may never recover from what it offers. We fear the consequences of truth, yet it is the lie consequences of telling a lie that is detrimental, destructive and far longer reaching. These are the ones that we rarely recover from. These are the ones that keep us in fear when in fact it’s the lie that holds everything that we fear.

So few have figured out that it’s the lie that keeps us trapped in pain, in circumstance, in illusions and that it’s the lie that breaks, closes doors and shuts what the truth could heal, beautify and create. Only a few have understood that just telling or showing the true version of self, of events allows acceptance and opportunity. The truth is what we do consistently shows our truth anyway so we may as well embrace it.

The truth does have a bad rep, it may even hurt but this is true for the shortest time and yet it is the most simplistic and beautiful form of existence.

With Truth we build- we build trust, we build unity, we build relationships, we build meaning, we build business, we build character, we build lives- the ones we actually want and need not the ones that look good from the outside.

With Truth, we earn respect — it is an impossible task to hate someone who tells you where they stand, what they want, how they envision things, who is fair and just. It’s impossible to not respect people who share their truth even if it may cost them. They are smart enough to know that far greater is just further ahead.

With Truth — we offer justice- how else can one be just without truth?

With the truth, we are able to see the truth of others. The ones that are toxic, the ones that will grow with us, the ones that are not meant to walk the journey.

With Truth — we give and receive that which pure. Only a few can handle the truth, speaking and hearing it. The intentions of those will always be pure. How lucky to be amongst them in every aspect of life.

With the Truth- you have time- time to smell the flowers, time to live your life, time to invest in the things that matter to you more than anything, time to pray, time to laugh. Time is not wasted.

With the Truth comes energy and joy- The stress, the impact on health, the emotional and mental consequences that come with a lie, a half-truth deprives us of the energy we need to live. It’s easy to be happy, to be joyful to laugh a real laugh when there is an energy, a guide, less stress and pressure on the spirit.

With the Truth comes life- To choose to live a lie is to deprive ourselves and others of a full and meaningful life.

With Truth comes beauty- seeing beauty in the world around you, beauty in your physical being, beauty in your character. There is beauty even in the struggle. You have earned the privilege of every opportunity, every success, every love, every friendship, every material possession, every reward of every struggle.

With Truth comes freedom- The freedom to be truly and fully yourself. The lie is nothing more than an illusion, a prison. Truth is freedom.

With Truth comes honour, not just amongst the honourable of men and women but with God.

With the Truth comes true comfort- There may be comfort in the lie but this is short-lived. The truth offers comfort that only a few on this earth will ever really experience and enjoy. It offers a deep comfort on every level of existence.

With Truth there is peace, there is contentment- the lie, manipulation, the omission may get you what you want but it takes a million others to keep it, it takes countless others to convince yourself that you are worthy of it, that you deserve better.

Truth is solving problems with greater ease- How many of your problems would be resolved if only you dared to be honest with yourself and others? How many problems came to be or got worse simply because you got scared, to tell the truth because of the imagined consequence only to have made things far worse? How many of you got a life that you don’t really want because the truth meant standing up for yourself, getting rejected or hurt only to find yourself hurting so much more and so much longer now?

With the Truth, you know— you just know that what comes is destined, what leaves is destined by the one who has destined all.

Truth is acceptance- Acceptance of who you are, where you are and what needs to change, what needs to be worked on within yourself and those around you, Acceptance of what comes, what goes, what needs to be and what does not.

With truth we can and will achieve the impossible- it may take a little longer, it may take a few prayers, it may take a little more work, the way people will be willing to respond to one of truth will open the doors that we deemed impossible. The hearts are opened, the minds are opened, opportunities are presented. It’s with the one of truth where justice will always be on the table, where honour is always on offer, where there is respect, there is love, where one will go the extra mile or 10 and where we egos fall.

With the Truth- you may lose something important, but you will gain something superior. Yourself. Your character. Your truth. YOU. Without the truth, your truth cannot exist. Without the Truth, you cannot truly exist as you. Something of a luxury that only a few have when it’s a necessity that we all need.

It’s not the truth that should scare us. The lie should- the hiding, the redirecting, the omissions, and manipulations that we feel we need to do, the blackmails (emotional or otherwise), the coercions. Living it, breathing it, choosing it, accepting it and being accepted for it. The lie is abusing yourself, it is a prison, truth is freedom.

The truth is the only existence worth living.

Photo by Basil James on Unsplash



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