Authentically an illusion: What most will never be

(No matter how much they profess it, claim it and yearn for it)

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

We were created to perfection. Our every skill and talent, our knowledge, wisdom, strengths were perfectly allocated to us.

Our flaws, our weaknesses, our hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions are ours.

Our desires, the things we pray for deep inside our souls that we dare not share, the loves and interests that reside within our hearts. Every beat of our heart, every thought in our minds. Each with its perfect place. Each and every moment and problem, with its halal, honourable answer.

Yet we fight it, we fight our true selves daily instead of fighting the evil and misguided within us. We reject and fight the truth of others in the name of love honour and Truth, the beauty and guidance that *they* have received because it doesn’t fit our plans, our ambitions and our views of a perfect life. We reject and fight our own truths and deny them in the hope that we are right, not realising that nothing is more tragic than hope at those times.

We willing would choose and push them/ us to sin directly or indirectly instead of helping and working on those halal solutions because it may be difficult, it may look different because it doesn't fit the image we have in mind because we fear being alone and the loneliness that comes with it.

We fear rejection and judgement. We aren't willing to hear and listen with open hearts and minds to the words and actions of others, especially those we claim to love. We fear that should they choose more, should they choose different, their love for us diminishes.

Yet Allah has given us the ability to deeply and profoundly and abundantly for his sake and through this, our love for others can exist exponentially. We fear we won't get our time, yet the time allotted to us does not change no matter who and what exists in our lives. We fear and let our fears drive us and yet we claim faith.

We seek acceptance when we aren't willing to accept ourselves and show our truth. We aren’t willing to express ourselves, our needs, our choices. We fear the wrath of man, the power and control they have. Instead of the one who created us all.

We were created with purpose, with divine wisdom. We speak authenticity. Yet how many of us actively choose it?

How many of us fight it over and over again because the comfort of the known is easier than the alternative. Failing to understand that the alternative may very well be our true ease.

How many of us lament having only those who give the bare minimum, that has no one treating us the way that we feel that we are worthy of. While others have this and most of it is nothing more than an illusion, a power/control dynamic, a tool of peace and trade.

We lament having no one who expresses love, appreciation, affection and whole selves the truly meaningful loves and friendships that the Prophet Muhammad SAW had with his companions and wives, while at times rejecting the people who do just that for us when are find them. We lament, failing to realise that Allah decides our worth and as long as we have his support and love and express our love and gratitude we have everything. That this test is Our path to Jannah.

How many of us claim our deen and yet reject Allah's creation of us in his infinite wisdom and his choice of a life that he wants for us?

We claim to be people of truth, we demand truth but how many are really living it, how many are willing to support and encourage our loved ones to live their (halal) truth. Most of us are demanding attention control and manipulation.



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