A gift from the heavens

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Do you see the honour and privilege that comes with having someone where you don't have to hold back, cut things out, keep silent or hide, duck or lie for their benefit or your own on big or small things?

They accept you fully in times of pain, heartbreak, joy, and excitement with an open heart, and an open mind. They will support you even if one has to or chooses to walk away. They allow you honour, they treat you with honour. They give the rarest gift of all explicit trust.

It is a gift to you from Allah.

Do you see the honour and privilege of being the one who speaks, shares, lives, loves and honours their whole truth? With no need to hold back, lie, hide, distract, makes excuses for, choose silence or deny even a fraction of its existence. You give them the rarest gift of all explicit trust. It is Allah’s gift to you, to them, to yourself.

To be both of them, Subhanallah. What a special place that must be.

Truth is the most fundamental character trait in Islam and yet it is the rarest thing on the planet. How could this not be a gift, a blessing, an honour from Allah/God himself?




Writing is therapy

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Writing is therapy

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